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We ARE building the infrastructure of the future.

Our blockchain is an economic meta-platform that powers decentralized cryptocurrency, payment, exchange, supply chain and e-commerce platform.

Our blockchain infrastructure and solutions are on A par with leading state of the art revolutionary technologies.

We are on a mission of building sustainable systems that defy the inadequacies of our current systems. From financial inclusion to patenting. We believe in the future that blockchain technologies and solutions promise. And so we are building the infrastructure to accelerate this future.

Blockchain Vaccination Passport

We offer blockchain applications for vaccination certificates and proof of identity.

"I Did it First" - Idea Notarization.

A Digital Asset Platform that uses Distributed Ledger Technology to safeguard and patent ideas.


Invest in pschentrix through our crowdfunding tokenized NFT system that enables investors to see and invest wisely.

All in One Blockchain Solution

Imagine an app that turns your phone or VR system into an all-inclusive solution for all transactions, services and works.

idea notise.jpg

"I Did it First" - Idea Notarization.

We intend to use Blockchain technology to make the design and trademark registration process more efficient by cutting down on some of the processes and procedures involved.

In essence, blockchain platforms create a transparent and (arguably) immutable (i.e. unchangeable) chain of information. Using these characteristics, intellectual property (IP) offices could transform the registration of IP rights by making the process more cost-effective, faster, more accurate, and more secure. A further advantage of the technology could be the ability to transform the efficiency and transparency of rights management information.


I did it first is an idea patenting a blockchain-based network. On it, a new idea is patent-protected by blockchain. A means to cover your idea, because there’s a timestamp on it. 


This system provides something like a cloud storage service that allows you to backup and sync your information across multiple devices and networks. After uploading your idea prototype to the platform, I-did-it-first stores them on its network. You can access these files on any device simply by logging in to your account.

Blockchain Vaccination Passport

The Pschentrix blockchain offers blockchain applications for vaccination certificates and proof of identity. As a solution, it uses hash information without exposing personal data. Vaccination certification and proof of identity are managed confidentially and securely.


Data storage

Data protection


Availability Always

We are on the Money

Pschentrix Tokenization

With a talent pool of over 3000 Inventors, we have created a nation of valuable minds who are solving problems and creating enormous market value at pschentrix. We have decided to redistribute the wealth our community of inventors are creating through our NFT platform that allows for the tokenization of the community. You can benefit from this unique opportunity by purchasing a pschentrix token today. 

We Build the Infrastructure. 

We can help you build yours


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