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PSCHENTRIX is an inventor-driven pilot project and modular green city system which can be tailored for different circumstances and environmental necessities.

The first holistic PSCHENTRIX location is planned to be built in the Republic of Cyprus in [timeline]. The city will function simultaneously as the state-of-the-art development lab, living test site and showcase of new innovation in progress.

At its core lies a physical and digital infrastructure which will serve as a model – and actual home – for high caliber inventors and investors coming from around the world.

Our goal is to put the inventor into the position to focus on inventing instead of funding, budgets, copyrights, staffing and other support functions – giving them a 90% increased chance to launch a product into the market.

Some of the cutting-edge technologies which are already included in PSCHENTRIX City 1.0 include…

…the Liquid Dynamix H2 direct water splitting procedure which can transform salt water into clean fresh water.

…Bellwether Industries’ private urban aircraft for intracity travel (here how it will improve our lives

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