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Welcome to the Community of Crown Inventors

Pschentrix is an invention incubator that helps inventors to develop their ideas, into full products, services and businesses by providing a full-scale range of services starting with management training, office space, government support, patenting, marketing, distribution and ending with funding.

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Our Inventor's Incubator is a new World of that reinvents the inventor in you

Join  our inventor's incubator to connect with mentors, investors and other inventors. We have created a healthy ecosystem that powers creativity and product delivery. Begin today and have that idea you want to invent successfully delivered to the market.


Guidance through the invention process

Without guidance the process of invention can be a huge hassle for inventors. From ideation, conceptualization to prototype development and final product. We have developed a system that will guide you to build out your idea.

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Clinical Trials, Evaluation and Market research

We have set up a system that will enable you test your ideas to prove their workability and validate their market viability. Our clinical research process has set up a falsification methodology that thoroughly tests ideas. Our team of market researchers will help you see through the data.

Manufacturing, Marketing and Distribution.

Our system has been set to enable manufacture your prototypes for market testing. We'll help bring your work to the market.  From marketing, PR to media coverage. But it doesn't end there, we'll ensure that your product once accepted by the market gets to the end-users through our effective global distribution channels.

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How Do We Make Your Team Life Easier? 

Government and Social support

Investor Support and funding

Restructuring business model for investment.

Publishing Scientific Papers

With the Right Platform, Everything Is Possible


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