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With over 50,000 inventors and scientists plus more than 3,000 innovations and inventions ready to change and save the world.

We are reinventing

Be a part of History and Invest in the Future. 

From Biotechnology and medicine to Smart Cities and to Decentralised Apps

In 2022, hundreds of smart, regenerative, autonomous cities are emerging around the globe. Let’s briefly describe what we mean by a smart, regenerative, autonomous city. Firstly, we must highlight citizen-centric smart city initiatives, which promote the importance of citizens’ political and social participation for implementing a smart city project based on planning, management, and stewardship. The second point concerns the importance of supplying sustainable smart city services in response to citizens’ demands to improve their quality of life. Accordingly, in the urban planning field, citizen and community inputs have been emphasized in the planning and designing of smart cities’ physical environments - for example, the establishment of a community-level service. This indicates that a smart city of the date should address two challenges: a complete consideration of civil societies when deploying smart city technologies and facilities in urban spaces and the supply of appropriate services for meeting citizens’ needs.

So, what is special about the PSCHENTRIX City?

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PSCHENTRIX is an inventor-driven innovation movement and smart city system which can be blueprinted modularly anywhere in the world.

One of the key requirements for entrepreneurial success is your ability to develop and offer something unique to the marketplace. Over time, entrepreneurship has become associated with creativity, the ability to develop something original, particularly an idea or a representation of an idea. Innovation requires creativity, but innovation is more specifically the application of creativity. Innovation is the manifestation of creativity into a usable product or service. In the entrepreneurial context, innovation is any new idea, process, or product, or a change to an existing product or process that adds value to that existing product or service.

How is an invention different from an innovation? All inventions contain innovations, but not every innovation rises to the level of a unique invention. For our purposes, an invention is a truly novel product, service, or process. It will be based on preceding ideas and highly developed products, but it is such a leap that it is not considered an addition to or a variant of an existing product but something unique. 

It will be the first of its kind to implement Artificial Intelligence (AI) - the theory and development of computer systems able to perform tasks normally requiring human intelligence, such as visual perception, speech recognition, decision-making, and translation between languages; Internet of things (IoT) - physical objects (or groups of such objects) that are embedded with sensors, processing ability, software, and other technologies that connect and exchange data with other devices and systems over the Internet or other communications networks; Blockchain - a system of recording information in a way that makes it difficult or impossible to change, hack, or cheat the system. A blockchain is essentially a digital ledger of transactions that is duplicated and distributed across the entire network of computer systems on the blockchain and hundreds of other cutting-edge innovations in one place.


The heartbeat technology of PSCHENTRIX consists of CXAI – the world's First Actual Intelligence Technology that is able to extract profound patterns from quanta.

Image by Warren Umoh

This is where CXAI comes in...

The World's First Actual Intelligence Technology that is able to decipher conglomerate masses of subconscious computational thought patterns unreadable by humans.  It has the ability to read both Humans and Animals and extensive research is being done for plants as well.

It can be used in many industries that require deeper understanding of human, animal and nature intelligence based on DNA and memory.

Its applications include medical mysteries such as coma, sleep, and anesthesia; agriculture sciences based on plant DNA; and vast potential in industries such as music, augmented reality and metaverse and any type of interacting future technologies

Along the many potentials offered by CXAI, the learning capabilities in humans and animals will increase at a significant rate which will continue to evolve and upgrade itself due to its biological nature. It has the ability to not only identify the subconscious thought patterns but also trace it to physical disorders that have been caused by various types of stress. This technology has a continuous future in Quantum Robotics and Nanotechnologies and is being taught in medical sciences and biotechnology sciences.


The first holistic PSCHENTRIX location will be constructed in The Republic of Cyprus (Member of the European Union) in 2023.

At its core lies a physical and digital infrastructure which will serve as a base – and even actual home – for high caliber inventors and investors coming from around the world.

This way, the city will function as the state-of-the-art development lab, test site and showcase of innovation in progress.

Our Mission

The Pschentrix Inventors is a company where both the Highest Calibre Inventors and Investors are united to change the world.

We have a database of well over 50,000 High Calibre Inventors, 3,000 of which are well on their way to Building the Future Pschentrix Smart CIty.

Finally, a World where Innovators can not only bring their technologies to the next Era but also Pioneer New Technologies in the process.  

Serious Investors can be part of a company that will allow them to gain real insight into game-changing Inventions that are not only beyond public trends but also beyond public knowledge. 

So whether you are an Inventor or an Investor at the top of your game. Be a part of History and Invest in the Future.

Meet The Close Circle

Talk To US

The PSCHENTRIX knowledge, experience and innovation are here now and can be put into practice anywhere in the world. Our model can be tailored in such a way, to function as an absolute standard that can be accepted internationally, since each city has different conditions, circumstances and environmental necessities. As has been declared above PSCHENTRIX 1.0 will be created in the Republic of Cyprus embodying all the technologies described within this presentation. Smart city technologies, facilities, and services are currently being implemented in new builds but also could be introduced into existing old cities.

The team is available to discuss with you areas where related projects are to be implemented regarding smart cities.

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